“Homemade” mini cinnamon rolls

I can’t really call these cinnamon rolls homemade since there was a little bit of cheating making them :D. My husband and I absolutely l♥ve cinnamon rolls but they take SO much time to make! When you’re in the mood for a cinnamon role you usually want it NOW not 2 hours later of waiting for the dough to rise then kneading it then waiting for it to rise then baking it! So when I  found this recipe from Iowagirl for Mini Cinnamon Roles with Maple IcingI jumped to it 🙂 The main timesaving secret is using a tube of ready made croissant dough which I think I would never be able to find in Cairo but found so easily at the supermarket in Amsterdam. Yay! 😀 It was such an easy choice since I already had all the other ingredients at home. The whole process took 30 minutes including baking time and they were devoured in less than 2 minutes. I had to restrain myself to keep one for the next day for breakfast 🙂

Here’s my picture of my cinnamon rolls. You can get the original recipe here


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