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An Egyptian in Amsterdam. Blogging about food, travel and all the oddities and discoveries of living in the Netherlands. Enjoy 😉


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  1. Hi Jailan, i am Fida from Malaysia. i’d like to ask for your help regarding halal food in amsterdam. i am planning to visit netherlands this coming april and would really appreciate if you could share about places to eat halal food with friendly price range =) and will really really appreciate if you could share information on places of interest and getting around amsterdam or where to rent a car with a driver and anything you could share. there are so much of questions on my mind! i feel a bit concern because this is my first time going to europian country and not on holiday package. hope you are not reluctant to help. thank u in advance!

    • Hi Fida,
      First let me tell you April is a great time to visit Amsterdam, the weather is usually just perfect at the time.
      For Halal food there are a few options. There are a lot of Lebanese snack shops on the main streets like Damrak street, where they sell shwarma and other sandwiches. The meat there is usually Halal. There is also an Indonesian restaurant that I know of right on the flower market’s street. I honestly can’t recall the name but it is the only Indonesian one there so hard to miss. The price is a bit on the more than average side but the quality is great and portions are satisfying, and they serve Halal. It’s also a very pleasant experience for a night out.
      New York Pizza also offers Halal meats, you can find them scattered around the city, on Damstraat or Leidsplein. You can buy anything from a slice to a full pizza. For some vegetarian or seafood options there is Wok to Walk, an on the go Asian food snack place. You can get either noodles or rice with your choice of veggies or prawns and sauce. Meat is not Halal according to my knowledge but food is very good for off the street food and you can get a big portion for around 5 euros. Doesn’t get cheaper than that. They are also located in different places in the center, including close to Leidsplein.
      Bollywood is an Indian restaurant just next to Leidsplein with several vegetarian options that are yummy! Food is great and portions are filling. They average around 18-22 Euros per person for a filling meal.
      Last thing I can think of is the Beijnkorf, a high end shopping center in the center of Amsterdam on Damrak street where they unexpectedly have very reasonable priced meals in their top floor cafeteria. A very pleasant place to sit, they have seafood, pizza, Asian food, salads and sandwiches that you can choose from. Meat is not Halal but there is a lot of vegetarian and seafood options to choose from. Price per meal ranges around 10 euros. Portions and taste are excellent! It’s usually my go to choice when I am in the center and want a nice place to sit for lunch or dinner without paying too much before heading on.

      That was the food 🙂 About getting around. There is no need to rent a car in my opinion. I’ve been living here 3 years and have gotten around just fine with my bike and the public transport system. A car can be a nuisance if you want to visit the center because parking is almost impossible. I would recommend getting a tourist transportation pass that can last from 1-4 days. That gives you access to the tram, metro and buses (not the night ones I believe). More info is here http://www.amsterdam.info/pass/ and http://www.gvb.nl/english/travellers/tickets-and-fares/Pages/all-amsterdam-transport-pass.aspx

      I checked your blog and see you have a baby 🙂 Don’t worry getting around Amsterdam is very child friendly. You can get your stroller onto any transportation means with no problem. You might need another person to help lift it onto the train though but other passengers will usually help you out.

      About sightseeing! Well, since you’re here in April you must visit the Keukenhof gardens! They are outside Amsterdam but you can easily get there by public transport as well. http://www.keukenhof.nl/
      Here is a list of other places you might like 🙂
      .Science centre NEMO http://www.e-nemo.nl/en/?id=1
      .Rijksmuseum Amsterdam http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/
      .Amsterdam Royal Palace http://www.paleisamsterdam.nl/
      .Tropenmuseum – Tropical Museum Amsterdam http://www.tropenmuseum.nl/
      .Amsterdam Zoo and Nature Museums http://www.artis.nl/en/
      .Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/
      .Anne Frank House Amsterdam http://www.annefrank.nl/
      .Hermitage in Amsterdam http://www.hermitage.nl/
      .Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam http://www.museumvanloon.nl/
      .Diamond Museum Amsterdam http://www.diamantmuseumamsterdam.nl/

      For a full list of sights and what’s on in the city when you visit go here http://www.amsterdam.info/museums/ or here http://www.iamsterdam.com

      This is a very useful site for transportation information and how to get places http://www.9292.nl/en/. You can check your destination addresses on Google maps.

      I hope this was helpful! 😀 Let me know if you have any other questions, I would love to help! If you are also planning to visit other cities besides Amsterdam let me know 😀
      Hope you have a great trip!!

  2. Thank u very very much for your reply. Information shared are very useful and the websites listed was very helpful. I am glad to know that there are a lot of halal foods available around Amsterdam. And I am less concerned about getting around since public transportation system is reliable, but still i am bit worried that I would gone astray while transit from a transportation to another. I hope their signage is as good as their transportation system. And I hope they are written in English =) How about taxi fare? Are they expensive?

    One more thing in my mind, how is the climate during spring? Do we need to wear jacket to keep warm especially for my little baby. Malaysia has tropicale climate, very warm days and fairy cool nights with hot and humid throughout the year. We have never experience temperature below 27°C (82°F) so I really have no idea how is it being in spring atmosphere.

    I would love to visit Rotterdam as well but with only 4 days visit I don’t think I would have enough time, do you?

    Again, thank u so very much for you kind respond…

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